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Scotland’s commitment to tackling the rising drug deaths

Scotland drug rehab

The rise in Scotland drug-related deaths

As more drug-related deaths are rising in Scotland, the government has decided that creating another drug rehab centre will help reduce the problem.

Scotland is continuing to have the highest drug-related death rate across all European countries.

It also has a higher death rate than England and Wales.

Drug-related deaths across Scotland is not new to the country.

For years, Scotland’s number of drug-related deaths has continuously increased, and people are noticing the problem.

Will a new drug rehab centre fix everything?

Some may say that a new rehab centre will provide more opportunities for people who want to get better.

However, there are many rehab centres based around Scotland that have continued to serve patients – even during the pandemic.

Whilst a new rehab centre will provide more opportunities for people who may be unable to attend a specific centre, more issues are preventing people from going to rehab.

The stigma

People don’t go to rehab because of the stigma associated with the word ‘rehab’.

Although rehab is there to help people, other people see rehab as a way of shaming them for developing an addiction.

Many addicts may have a loving, supporting system around them, but not everyone does.

Whilst a rehab centre is still seen in a negative light, it will discourage people from getting help.

More beds needed

If more rehab centres are being built but do not have enough beds to treat addicts, then not much progress will be made.

Scottish ministers have pledged £20 million annually for the next five years to tackle the increasing drug deaths.

Currently, Scotland has a total amount of 418 available beds for those looking to get help for drug and alcohol addiction.

With a total population of 5.466 million and 295 drug deaths per million of the Scottish population, there needs to be more room for patients requiring help.

Pricing of treatment

Rehab is not always available on the NHS.

For those who can’t afford it on insurance or other payment plans, they, unfortunately, will not be able to go.

Poverty plays a key role in someone’s ability to get into a rehab centre as well as the overdose crisis.

Cuts in the 2015 Alcohol and Drug Partnerships happened as a result of the stigma around drugs, those who had a drug problem were demonised instead of given help.

Addiction help in Scotland

If you urgently require help for a drug or alcohol addiction, Castle Craig operate their drug rehab centres across multiple areas of Scotland: including Hamilton, Aberdeen, Glasgow and other areas.

You don’t need to wait for a new rehab centre to be made.

There will always be a way for you to get help.

For more information and free sources, visit the NHS’s page on how to get help for addictions.

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